5 Best Hinsdale Restaurants

Casselyn Tertell  |  September 14, 2023

5 Best Hinsdale Restaurants

With Hinsdale located on the outskirts of Chicago, this quaint suburb is home to many timeless sites, highlighting the city's vintage appeal. Hinsdale's downtown is listed as a National Register Historic District, and its neighborhoods are filled with extravagant, traditional homes in Italianate, Victorian, Georgian, and colonial styles.

In addition to lively cultural events like its annual fine arts festival and local farmer's market, the town provides a glimpse into the past with its nostalgic yet contemporary dining experience. From a charming Italian restaurant nestled into a renovated antique theater to a stylish lounge serving Asian delicacies, there's something for everyone. This list of notable restaurants in Hinsdale will guide you to some of the best dining options in town.

Il Poggiolo Ristorante

8 E 1st Street, Hinsdale, IL

Il Poggiolo, the place where "the taste of Italy meets the comfort of home," will satisfy your craving for Italian cuisine. This elegant restaurant in downtown Hinsdale was once a prominent theater. The gorgeous architecture creates a calming and refined atmosphere with comforting Italian dishes made from fresh ingredients.

Start the evening with a dish from their "antipasti" (appetizers), such as a prosciutto board decorated with a spread of ham, burrata, Italian olives, and lemon blueberry crackers, or try delicately fried squid tossed in fresh herbs and garlic aioli. Follow up with a main course of spinach ricotta-filled tortellacci and a Caesar salad paired with parmesan croutons.

Italian food is best served with wine, which Il Poggiolo has no shortage of. Choose from a carefully curated list of wines from areas such as Epernay, France, and the island of Sardinia.

YiaYia's Cafe

13 Grant Square, Hinsdale, IL

For a breakfast spread that sets the tone for a perfect day, try  YiaYia's Cafe. They are open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and are conveniently located in the Grant Square shopping center. The cafe is family-owned and operated, with the elegance of sleek wooden seating, cushioned bar stools, and soft, ambient lighting greeting you at the door. YiaYia's Cafe offers a combination of traditional breakfast options along with signature dishes crafted from local ingredients. Early risers can start their day with classic breakfast favorites such as fluffy homemade pancakes, fresh omelets, or crisp French toast. Each meal delivers a memorable taste and the warmth of home.

In YiaYia's soft-lit environment, you'll be transported to a place that combines family hospitality with homemade flavors. The cafe also provides various lunch options, including sandwiches, salads, and homemade soups that are perfect for a quick and satisfying meal. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to catch up with friends or a quiet corner to enjoy a book, YiaYia's cafe creates a sophisticated mood that makes it the ideal destination for any time of day.

Giuliano's Pizza Ristorante

40 & 42 Village Pl, Hinsdale, IL

What started as a small pizza establishment expanded into a classic, well-known restaurant. Giuliano's Pizza made its name in the suburbs of Hinsdale with various pizza and pasta options and other tantalizing menu options.

As an evening dining spot, guests can choose from their menu of classic Italian favorites and pick from a broad selection of beer and wine that complements the flavors of each dish. Giuliano's offers alternatives that are guaranteed to deliver, whether you choose a crisp, refreshing lager or a delicious, full-bodied wine. Their dedicated personnel will make your food experience nothing short of outstanding.

Wild Ginger

44 S Washington St, Hinsdale, IL

Visit Wild Ginger for a chic fusion of Asian flavors. This sushi and sake restaurant is an excellent alternative for upscale dining with an oriental flair. Their hours range from lunchtime until late in the evening. Wild Ginger promises a memorable dining experience with something for every palate.

Their appetizer menu features an extensive seafood variety, including coconut shrimp and soft-shell crab served with a mild chili sauce. Order a perfectly plated dynamite roll and a bowl of soba noodles for lunch, or stay late for sake and cocktails at the bar.

Wild Ginger's trendy decor, mounted wall art, and low-hanging lights add to the ambiance of elegance and great dining. In the midst of a cutting-edge environment with savvy oriental cuisine, you can anticipate a sophisticated atmosphere that sets the tone for an unforgettable visit.

Toni Patisserie Cafe

51 S Washington St, Hinsdale, IL

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Toni Patisserie Cafe. Founding Chef Toni Marie Cox brought her passion for Parisian culinary delights from France to Hinsdale and created a charming bakery and cafe that connects you to the streets of Paris. They are known for creative quiche combinations, such as their popular Lorraine quiche with bacon, sautéed onion, gruyere, and Swiss cheese.

While their cafe serves sandwiches, quiches, and galettes, the true beauty of their services is in their patisserie. Desserts in Parisian style are on display, with the scent of sugar filling the air. Signature macarons, airy cream puffs, and dulcet eclairs are among the delectable treats that you can indulge in. Toni Patisserie's European aesthetic and mouthwatering offerings make it a must-visit for food lovers and pastry enthusiasts alike. 

Hinsdale: where history and modern dining meet

Restaurants in Hinsdale offer a journey into the past thanks to their historic buildings and traditional architecture yet maintain a touch of modern flair that adds a contemporary twist to every dining experience. Charming bistros serving must-have French delights and trendy fusion restaurants blending flavors from around the world make Hinsdale's culinary scene one of diversity while still honoring its rich heritage.  Hinsdale's restaurants effortlessly blend the old and the new, creating a unique and unforgettable dining experience for all.

Come explore Hinsdale

If you're looking for a luxurious neighborhood with a traditional feel and homey restaurant selections, Hinsdale's location is the perfect choice. Finding your new home in this charming neighborhood will allow you to experience a perfect blend of rich history and modern comforts. With its green-friendly community, beautiful architecture, and close proximity to Chicago, Hinsdale's district offers a unique and vibrant atmosphere that is sure to make you feel right at home. Contact The Casselyn Group, elite Hinsdale real estate agents, to find your perfect home in a neighborhood full of warmth and history.

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