4 Summer Garden Party Ideas for 2023

Casselyn Tertell  |  July 7, 2023

4 Summer Garden Party Ideas for 2023

Recently, more and more folks have found ways to enjoy the outdoors. Evenings spent indoors at local restaurants and pubs have slowly been replaced by events hosted at parks and gardens or on specious patios and decks. With the surge of outdoor gatherings, garden parties have grown in popularity. More and more homeowners are planning these outdoor socials each summer season, giving you the opportunity to be a part of what is shaping up to be quite a popular trend in hosting.

1. Themed party

What better idea for a summer garden party than to have a theme associated with the event? One of the top themed parties for 2023 is a margarita party. This themed garden party combines the traditional Mexican cocktail with delicious Mexican and/or TexMex cuisine. These parties can be accented with traditional decor easily found at your local party store or online at various websites.

Tiki parties have waxed and waned in popularity over the years. However, Tiki is back with a ferocity that hasn’t been seen since the 1970s. Every major city has a number of these Polynesian/Caribbean-inspired bars, complete with fun cocktails and quirky decor. The ones that do it right make you feel like you’re on an island sipping a Mai Tai or Jungle Bird instead of being tucked away in a bar off a busy city street.

As such, bringing the tiki experience to your garden party is a great themed event that is sure to please. Decor and drinks are the major components of these parties. Tiki torches, grass skirting for tables, Polynesian masks and wall hangings, and more can be easily found online. Any cocktail manual will have a wide variety of tiki cocktails that can be made, many of which can be batched, so you won’t have to bartend.

2. Live music

Achieving the right level of ambience can be a bit of a challenge for any social gathering. The right lighting and decor will help set the desired mood, of course. But some hosts want to go the extra mile and incorporate live entertainment into their events. One of the summer garden party trends for 2023 is to utilize live music to help create the perfect vibe.

Live music for a summer garden party can cover nearly every genre of music that is out there. What music you choose for yours should depend on what you want the music to achieve. Do you want background music? A local jazz band or acoustic guitar player would be great to tie the event together. Or maybe you want the music to be the focal point of your party. In that case, a live rock or country band would do the trick.

Finding a local musician or band to play at your party will take a bit of homework. But if you live in an area where live music is an option for entertainment on the weekends, you’ll be sure to discover the regular players in the local music scene. Attending a live show at a bar or club will help you familiarize yourself with what is out there. Booking them for your summer garden party can be as easy as messaging their band page on social media.

Live music can be pricey but well worth the cost for a big gathering. Professional musicians will have a contract for you, which you should review carefully. Most will also have their own sound equipment, taking this extra burden off your shoulders.

3. Do-it-yourself pizza party

Another summer garden party trend for 2023 is one that allows guests to get creative with the food that they’ll enjoy at the event. Do-it-yourself pizza parties are becoming all the rage this season, allowing guests to interact with each other at the pizza-making stations you’ll set up in your backyard.

These parties will require you to shop for the dough and all the toppings you can imagine. Premade crusts are giant time savers, but if you are the type who likes everything to be from scratch, you can find premade dough at several grocers or make it yourself.

Have the crusts ready to be slathered with sauce. Put out containers of various cheese, meat, and veggie toppings for your guest to pick from. Once the pizzas are put together, they’ll be ready for you to pop into an oven or put on the grill.

It’s a great idea to have pizza boxes for your guests to take home any leftovers from their creations.

4. Pool party

If you’ve got a pool, odds are you’ve hosted a pool party. For the summer of 2023, it’s predicted that these parties have not only remained a desirable social gathering but have gained even more popularity.

These events are perfect for families with small children. Have an assortment of inflatable pool toys, noodles, and other fun things the kids can enjoy while they cool off in the water. Water gun fights are a fun activity, so having an arsenal of these can add an additional layer of fun to your event.

Pool parties aren’t complete without great food and drinks. BBQ grills cooking up hot dogs and hamburgers have long been a staple at these events. But it’s your party, so feel free to prepare food of whatever variety you think your guests will enjoy.

Take the next step

No matter what theme you choose for your summer garden party, your event will be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends, family, and neighbors. Make it the social event of the season with careful planning, meticulous decorating, and delicious food.

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