9 DIY Bedroom Staging Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

Casselyn Tertell  |  March 29, 2023

9 DIY Bedroom Staging Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell
Home staging is defined as the strategic use of furniture, decor, and home design to prepare your home for stunning photos and tours. In other words, it’s much like “dressing up” your home to make a lasting impression on buyers looking for Clarendon Hills real estate. One of the most important rooms you should always stage is the bedroom, especially the primary bedroom. 

Why should you stage your home? Simple: it speeds up the home selling process. When asked, 47% of buyers’ agents reported positive impacts on their clients from a properly staged home. That same report found that 82% of buyers could imagine the property as a future home because it was staged well. All in all, home staging is an effective strategy to help sell your home faster.

If you’re gearing up to sell your home and need to maximize the appeal of your bedroom, follow these nine easy DIY tips to get started.

Clean and tidy up the bedroom

Start by cleaning and tidying up the bedroom. Sweep, mop, or vacuum, depending on the type of flooring you have, and wipe down every surface with a gentle, lightly fragranced cleaner. Don’t forget to wipe down windows, windowsills, and blinds! A ceiling fan should also be dusted off and wiped down if you have one.

If you have old, worn curtains and rugs, consider replacing them. You should also make the bed, put away clothing and other belongings, and conduct a smell test to make sure there aren’t any unpleasant odors lingering in the air. The smell test is especially important if you own pets that spend time in the bedroom.

Declutter and depersonalize the bedroom

Next up is decluttering and staging the bedroom. Your nightstand, dresser, desk, and every other surface should be free of unnecessary clutter. Simple decor like lamps, new tissue boxes, and alarm clocks are acceptable, but anything like cosmetics, fragrances, and personal items should be put away. The bedroom should look as minimalistic as possible. Buyers want to envision themselves living in the bedroom and making it their own, but that can be hard to do if you have family photos and personal achievements lying around.

Opt for neutral decor and colors

Part of the depersonalization process is settling for neutral decor and colors, especially in the case of children’s bedrooms. Themed bedrooms should be completely revamped into something gender-neutral and appealing to a general audience. Suitable colors include beige, off-white, soft green tones, and even light blue-green tones. These pleasant, neutral colors still look good and offer plenty of versatility.

Add a few extra pillows to the bed

Spruce up the bed with extra pillows and layers. Decorative pillows tie a bedroom together, especially if you match them with a decorative bed scarf. These small additions make your bed look elegant and sophisticated with minimal effort.

Every bedroom should have a focal point, and there is no better focal point than the bed itself. A well-decorated and neatly made bed is the first thing buyers will see when they walk into the room. Imagine your bed as the centerpiece — you want it to look good to everyone.

Consider buying fresh linens

If your bed linens are old or visibly worn, it’s time to replace them with a fresh, crisp set. Brand-new linens look classy and neat, and their texture is much better. Remember to choose something neutral without excessive patterning, and don’t forget to check for quality. Hotel-grade, luxury linens look and feel the best and are a lot more durable than cheaper linens.

Roll out an area rug

For bedrooms with hardwood flooring, roll out a brand-new area rug beside the bed or somewhere near the center of the room. Make sure it doesn’t stand out too much. It doesn’t have to match the rest of the bedroom but should still match the overall theme and make the room look cozier. A simple rug is a great way to emphasize the bedroom as a place of comfort and personal sanctuary.

Invite ample natural lighting

A dark or dimly lit bedroom can feel isolating or otherwise unwelcoming. Pull up the blinds or pull aside the curtains to invite as much natural lighting as you can. If your bedroom doesn’t have many windows, consider buying a table lamp with warm, natural light settings. Be sure to also replace your current light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs, preferably in a natural yellow light color. Bright, white light can make a room feel sterile and lifeless.

Don’t forget the closets

Your closets are also in need of extra care and attention while you’re staging the bedroom. Put away any and all clothing, shoes, accessories, and other personal belongings you’ve stored in your closets. You want to show off the amount of space your closets offer, including any shelves and racks they may have. A cluttered closet may look smaller than it actually is, making it extra important that you put everything away before you take photos and host tours.

Add a few extra touches

Once the bedroom has been cleaned, decluttered, and tidied up, add a few finishing touches. A couple of small desk plants, natural or fake, can emphasize the welcoming appeal of a bedroom. Brand new tissue boxes, preferably in a tissue box cover, and fresh-scented candles can also improve your bedroom’s appeal. 

Don’t forget the smell test! People grow accustomed to the smells in their houses because they live there, but guests will immediately notice any strange, unpleasant odors. Air out the bedroom and light one of the candles for an hour before you host any tours for potential buyers.

For best results, work with an experienced Realtor

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